Meet the IR Today Team

Meet the Editorial Team for IR Today:

Editor-in-Chief – Paakhi Bhatnagar 

Paakhi Bhatnagar

Paakhi Bhatnagar is a Second Year International Relations student at King’s College London. She is the Editor-in-Chief of IR Today and the Copy Editor for Strife Journal. She also writes for London Student as the City News Editor. Her areas of interest include socio-economic development, migration, and violence in conflict.

Editorial Assistant – Chloe Delaitre 

Chloe Delaitre

Chloe is a first year IR student at KCL. She is extremely passionate about international affairs. Furthermore, her multicultural background allows her to tackle international issues through different perspectives.

East-Asia Editor- Tao Mox Lim

Marcus Lim

Marcus is a penultimate student reading International Relations. His academic interests are varied: ranging from assessing the limits of soft power to the impact of decolonisation in the Asia-Pacific region. He has a particular interest on the influence of strategic culture’s impact on foreign policymaking. He is currently serving as the committee member of Kings College London Geopolitical Risk Society and a Feature Writer for The Dialogue.

North American Editor – Aleksandr George

Aleksandr Hope George

Aleksandr George is a Second Year International Relations student at King’s College London. He is the North American regional editor for IR Today, and he is particularly interested in writing about the political power of fundamentalist religious groups.

South & Central Asia Editor – Prashasti Saxena 

Prashasti Saxena

Prashasti is a 2nd year International Relations student at King’s. You can usually catch her at a debate tournament or sitting in a corner researching about South Asian and Middle Eastern politics or Counterterrorist Operations.

Latin America Editor – Matias Salo

Matias Salo

Matias Salo is a second year International Relations student at King’s. He is the current Europe Editor for IR Today. He is also the Defence and Diplomacy Editor for King’s Think Tank.

Europe Editor – Sebastian Baciu

Sebastian Baciu IR Today Headshot

Sebastian Baciu is a first year IR student at King’s. He has joined IR Today as editor for European affairs and also writes for the news section of the student-led newspaper, Roar News. He is mainly interested in European integration, the social, economic and cultural contrast between the East and the West and the language, thought and manipulation of populist parties.

Middle East Editor – David Vergara Schleich

David Vergara Schleich IR Today

David Vergara Schleich is a first year international relations student. He is German-Colombian and lived the majority of his life in Egypt. He is currently the Middle East Editor for IR Today, his interests lie particularly in revolutions and authoritarian states, as well as Middle Eastern geopolitics.

North Africa Editor – Andoni Hormaza

Andoni Hormaza

Andoni is a 2nd year International Relations student from Spain. His interests include international development, global migration and international law. He is also passionate about music, photography and writing.

Sub-Saharan Editor – Pauline Darrieus

Pauline Darrieus

Pauline Darrieus is a first year History and International Relations student at King’s. She is the Sub-Saharan Africa editor and is interested in global politics and diplomacy.

Digital Media Editor – Anna Huang

Anna Huang IR Today

Anna Huang is a second year International Relations student and the digital media editor for IR Today. She is interested in socioeconomic development, political economy, finance, and risk analysis.

Staff Writer: Mengtao Zhao


Mengtao is a second year student, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a focus on global energy and international relations. He is also serving as the KCLSU International Finance Network Organizer and research assistant at Department of Political Economy.

Staff Writer: Paula Arrus 


Paula is a second year IR student from Peru with a strong interest in Latin American politics and economics. She enjoys writing thought-provoking pieces about current affairs and the future of our world. She is extremely passionate about football too and supports the greatest club in England: Manchester City.

Staff Writer: ByeongKyu Jun (Colin)


Colin is a Korean student studying BA International Relations as a Year 1 student. He has lived in East Asia – South Korea and China – for his entire life, and thus, is strongly interested in East Asian politics and diplomacy. He is also interested in exploring the global issues that impacts the rest of the world!

Staff Writer: Aïcha El Alaoui 

linkedin pic

Aïcha El Alaoui is a second-year International Relations Student from Morocco and Canada. Her bicultural background allows her to explore international affairs through different perspectives, combining sources given her fluency in five languages. She has a special interest in the MENA region and in interdisciplinary research.