Meet the IR Today Team

Meet the Editorial Team for IR Today:

Editor-in-Chief – Chloé Delaitre 

foto Chloé

Chloé Delaitre is a half-Spanish half-French second year International Relations student at King’s College London. She is the current Editor-in-Chief for IR Today. Her interests lie in international diplomacy, global politics, risk analysis and humanitarian intervention. 

Editorial Assistant – Eliza Guinness

Eliza Guinness

Eliza is a first year IR student at King’s College London. She is passionate about international affairs, economics, and language. She is also a sailor and lover of books and journalism who grew up learning from different cultures and points of view through travel.

East-Asia Editor- Julia Hoffmann


Julia Hoffmann joined King’s College as a first-year International Relations major this year. As she is half-German and half-Chinese, she has always been interested in geopolitics and foreign affairs. Her main interests are the wars of the 20th century and the reorganization of the international order in the 21st century and beyond. As editor, she hopes to prompt contributors to delve beyond the surface level in their analysis and consider the wider consequences and implications of their topic.

North American Editor – Hannah Pham

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Hanna Pham is a 2nd year War Studies student from the United States but grew up moving around Asia. Her interests range from the cultural and political identity of the Asian-American diaspora to the role that euphemisms and language play in American political discourse. Her writing can also be found in Strand Magazine and Roar News. When not writing, she can be found in the kitchen, perfecting her focaccia recipe.

South & Central Asia Editor – Pauline Darrieus 

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Pauline Darrieus is a second year History and International Relations student at KCL. Her interests include civilizational conflicts, strategy and intelligence.

Latin America Editor – Noah Trowbridge

Photo - Noah Trowbridge

Noah is a second year International Relations student in the Department of War Studies. He is the current Latin America Editor for IR Today and conducts policy advisal for the King’s Think Tank’s Defence and Diplomacy Centre. You can usually catch him at the KCL fencing hall or at the Maughan reading about international security law.

Europe Editor – Theo-Stedman Redican


Theo is a first year, joint honours student, studying History and International Relations. His academic interests include Statecraft, Diplomacy, and foreign policy in both the historical and contemporary contexts. He is particularly interested in the concept of European integration and the various reactions and challenges to the European ideology. He is also a member of both the German and European societies at Kings.

Middle East Editor – David Vergara Schleich

David Vergara Schleich IR Today

David Vergara Schleich is a second year international relations student. He is German-Colombian and lived the majority of his life in Egypt. He is currently the Middle East Editor for IR Today, his interests lie particularly in revolutions and authoritarian states, as well as Middle Eastern geopolitics.

North Africa Editor – Grace Moucharafieh

Grace 1

Grace is a second-year BA International Relations student. She is passionate about history, global affairs, human rights and world politics. Her multinational background and experiences with NGOs give her an acute outlook on global and current events. She is passionate about theatre, rugby and cooking.

Sub-Saharan Editor – Marco Zarzana


Marco Zarzana is a second year International Relations student from Italy. His main interests in the field of IR include Diplomacy, Grand Strategy and the gap between the academic world of IR and the practical functioning of international affairs. Coming from a background in Classics, Marco’s extracurricular interests include Greek Philosophy and Literature and the ancient Western world in general.

Digital Media Editor – Anna Huang

Anna Huang IR Today

Anna Huang is a third year International Relations student and the digital media editor for IR Today. She is interested in socioeconomic development, political economy, finance, and risk analysis.

Postgraduate Officer: William Fawcett


William Fawcett is a postgraduate studying Conflict, Security and Development MA. He is the postgraduate officer for IR Today and has a particular interest in humanitarian intervention, the UN Security Council, international diplomacy and the politics of Francophone Africa.

Staff Writer: Nahla Mohamed


Nahla is a second year History and International Relations at KCL. She comes from Cairo, Egypt, and has Egyptian-Sudanese heritage.Within her degree, her specific interests include the history and current affairs of the MENA region and Africa, the global history and pervasive economic, political and cultural legacy of colonialism, and the relationship between history and international politics. Her non-academic interests include writing, participation in Model United Nations conferences, and volunteering. 

Staff Writer: Leander Hatzigrigoriou


Leander Hatzigrigoriou is a half Greek and half Swedish second year International Relations student. His academic interests include history and politics, especially issues surrounding the European Union and its future. He is also a big football fan and currently playing for GKTFC. 

Staff Writer: Magdalena Rokicka


Magdalena is a second year IR student at King’s College London. Thanks to her international experiences she is aware of different countries’ viewpoints and cultural perspectives. She has a wide range of interests including migration, populism and foreign policymaking.

Staff Writer: ByeongKyu Jun (Colin)


Colin is a Korean student studying BA International Relations as a Year 2 student. He has lived in East Asia – South Korea and China – for his entire life, and thus, is strongly interested in East Asian politics and diplomacy. He is also interested in exploring the global issues that impacts the rest of the world.

Staff Writer: Visaalakshi Sivasankar


Visaalakshi is a Second Year International Relations student at King’s from Bangalore, India with a passion for writing, sculpture, music and all things creative. Within academia, she has a strong interest in International Law and Foreign Policy, with a specific focus on Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention. When she’s not researching on this, she is usually cooking, sketching or reading.