Meet the IR Today Team

Meet the Editorial Team for IR Today:

Editor in Chief – Selin Erdogan

Selin Erdogan is a second year Classical Studies student at King’s College London who is broadly interested in international relations, strategic communication and diplomacy. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief.

Editorial Assistant – Sahar Rabbani


Sahar Rabbani is a second year Politics student at King’s College London who is interested in international relations, regimes in transition, and nation-building, with a specific passion for the SWANA region. She is the current Editorial Assistant of IR Today, and hopes to continue a career of journalism and reporting.

Asian Editor – Lucas Blasco

Lucas Blasco is a third year International Relations student from Spain, who is currently in an exchange year at the University of Hong Kong. During the past months, he has developed a very strong interest in the East Asia region, namely its economic development and the role of China in the XXIst century international order.

Latin American Editor – Emilio Faulkner

Emilio Faulkner is a third year IR student in the Department of War Studies. Due to his Honduran heritage, he is motivated to take on the position of Latin America Editor for IR Today. He also believes Latin America is often understudied and disregarded in the study of IR. He is therefore excited to have the opportunity to fill this void and explore the region’s role in international affairs. As well as Latin America, his academic interests lie in the concepts of Grand Strategy, Statecraft and the recent re-emergence of major power rivalry on the global stage. 

European Editor – Marion Gabriel

Marion Gabriel is a third year International Relations student at King’s College London. With strong interests in diplomacy, strategy, and European politics broadly, she is currently the European editor of International Relations today.

Middle Eastern Editor – Celine Madaghjian

Celine Madaghjian is a third year International Relations student at King’s College London. Understanding the implications of the region’s current and rapidly evolving politics is vital to our understanding of International Relations. Thus, she chose to be the MENA editor given her passion for analysing the sectarianism and geopolitics of the Middle East, as well as GCC relations with other states in the region. 

North American Editor – Julia Hoffmann

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Julia Hoffmann is a final year International Relations student at King’s College. She enjoys learning about a broad range of regional dynamics and placing these into dialogue with current affairs and contemporary political developments. As an editor, she is excited to brainstorm out-of-the-box article ideas and encourage writers to dig beyond the surface of a story. 

African Editor – Radia Mernissi 

Radia Mernissi is a Moroccan International relations student. She is interested in International Law, democratisation in the MENA region and climate change issues. 

Social Media Officer – Bonnie Vanguardia


Bonnie Vanguardia is a third year History and International Relations student at King’s College London. With strong interests in both online journalism and graphic design, she joins the IR Today team as their social media officer, creating new and engaging content for her peers’ articles.

Political Theory & IR Officer – Marcell Lehoczky

Marcell Lehoczky is a third year History and International Relations student. He is mostly interested in security, international law and he wanted to become Political Theory Officer to help apply theory to modern day issues.