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What are we?

International Relations Today is a blog on current international affairs. The content published here focuses on issues relevant today and aims to facilitate discussion of these.

Who are we?

This blog is run by students of International Relations at King’s College London. However, any views presented here are not views of our department, War Studies, but our own personal opinions.

We are a group of students that has migrated from all over the world to study in London, arguably the hub of international relations.

From Swedish Kenyans, to French Germans and Chinese Australians – our perspectives and experiences cover the globe. With the help of our degrees in progress we provide unique comments on and analyses of current global affairs.

How do I get involved?

The blog publishes content form all King’s College students that wish to contribute. Should you wish to contribute, please follow the blog submission guidelines.

Should you wish to get in touch regarding any affiliation or cooperative endeavour (whether as an individual or organisation), please contact the editorial team at

Blog Submission Guidelines:

1. Getting in touch. If you have written a piece that you would like published with IR Today please email to with the region as your email subject title. Please make sure you include an author bio of one to three sentences for us to include when publishing.

2. Structure. We publish 3 types of articles:

  • Book reviews – under 800 words, are likely to be more informal, yet relevant to a current issue;
  • Brief comments – 600-1000 words, contain a brief commentary on a recent event or current affair matter;
  • In-depth analyses – 1000-1200 contain a longer and more detailed overview and analysis of a current affair issue.

-Feel free to pitch ideas such as series formats (see: The ‘Unstringing’ of a ‘String of Pearls’ six-part sequel on China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI)).

-Unfortunately, we do not accept submissions which are purely opinionated or read like op-eds. Our aim is to publish content which contain analytical vigor, cite appropriate sources, and do not rely on opinions to substantiate their arguments. We encourage you to read some of our published pieces before submitting your own.

3. Referencing.

  • All references to be done in hyperlink format.
  • Reference any sources: i.e: quotations, photos, statistics, graphs etc.

4. Extra material. Submitted pieces may (and are encouraged to) include complementary material such as images, graphs, and statistics – please make sure you include the sources of these.


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