Who controls the weather: God or the CCP?

Julia Hoffmann is a 1st year International Relations student at King’s College London and the East Asia Editor for IR Today. Having grown up in China, she has always been keenly interested in the country’s history and the contemporary political developments that will shape the future of the globalized world. With the covid-19 pandemic dominating international headlines in 2020 and 2021, many important political news … Continue reading Who controls the weather: God or the CCP?

Dear Hillary

by Jackson Webster, a Los Angeles native, currently in his final year of International Relations in the King’s College London Department of War Studies. Dear Hillary,   Congratulations. The Democratic nomination is all but yours, and the GOP faces an existential crisis which has caused its voters to choose a loud-mouthed human toupee as their nominee. You’re likely to take the reigns of power next January, and … Continue reading Dear Hillary